The Importance of Unlearning

“People need to realise that their prejudice stems from oppression and should free their own minds. They must say to themselves: ‘I will not follow the education apartheid gave me.’ Read more, think and analyse for yourself, I hope that my book will open people’s minds.” – Kagiso Lesego Molope, author of Dancing In The Dark; The Mending Season …

Ubuhlakani BesiNTU

The following are some excerpts from the book Muntu: African Culture and The Western World by Janheinz Jahn

“Muntu, Kintu, Hantu and Kuntu are the four categories of African philosophy. All being, all essence, in whatever form it is conceived, can be subsumed under one of these categories. Nothing can be conceived outside them.

I – Muntu = ‘human beings’ ( plural: Bantu)

II – Kintu = ‘thing’ (plural: Bintu )

III – Hantu = ‘place and time’

IV – Kuntu = ‘modality’

NTU is the universal force as such, which, however, never occurs apart from its manifestations: Muntu, Kintu, Hantu and Kuntu. NTU is being itself, the cosmic universal force, which only modern, rationalizing thought can abstract from its manifestations. NTU is – ‘that point from which creation flows’ .

Ntu expresses, not the effect of these forces, but their being. But the forces act continually, and are constantly active. Only if one could call a halt to the whole universe, if life suddenly stood still, would Ntu be revealed. The driving power, however, that gives life and efficacy to all things is Nommo, the ‘word’, of which for the moment we can only say that it is word and water and seed and blood in one.” –




Garvey Walks The Talk

“The  civilization of today is gone drunk and crazy with its power and by such it seeks through injustice, fraud and lies to crush the unfortunate. But if I am apparently crushed by the system of influence and misdirected power, my cause shall rise again to plague the conscience of the corrupt.” – MARCUS GARVEY

Emancipation From Mental Slavery

At the Institute of Afrikology, we seek to develop learners and teachers who are actively reinventing the Afrika we envision. The kind of individuals who have not cut their ties with their  respective community, people who are in touch with their society as much as they are comfortable pursuing the disciplined and principled intellectual work required to liberate ourselves as a people.

It may appear as if we do not speak of or promote/propagate works of fiction, fantasy or imaginative literature. This is not a true reflection, we are lovers of Storytelling, novels and poetry and music. We are striving for a well balanced Afrikological perspective, incorporating all aspects of the Afrikan experience.

On this platform, we will post excerpts from the words by or about people from various disciplines. We will occasionally post images and stories and works in various languages: So We May Learn, So We May Teach and Strive to Bring New Values …

Ours is a dynamic and living Cultural perspective …incorporating Health, Music,Healing, Literature, Arts, Science and Technology …

Isilungu Kumele Sisebenzele Thina

“We must choose the English language as a means of escape and mental liberation …
The writer should master the language.
The language should be the slave, we must brutalise it into our own shape.
This is the best way to fight back our own former slavery.
But every time we try, language escapes.
And so we have to beat it again and again and to capture and to punish it again and again.”
– Dambudzo Marechera, as quoted by Angela B. Williams, in The Journal of African Travel Writing, 4 April, 1988.